Fitness Tips for Surfers

You don’t get on a surfboard and head to meet the waves if this is your first time to do it, especially if you score low on the fitness test. Surfers need to have strong body, and a strong body is one with well-trained muscles, all muscles! Surfing requires a great deal of exertion of all your muscle groups. Hence, you have to stay out and perhaps spend significant time in the training room if you’re ill prepared for this sport. Even experienced surfers have to train to keep themselves fit.

Warm up

One of the things that people forgo is warming up. Warm-ups prepare our heart, lungs, and muscles for the physically demanding exertions. Warm-up exercises for surfers include squats, push-ups, lunges, single leg upper body rotation, and knee hugs (standing).

You have absolutely no excuse for not doing these exercises, as they don’t need any equipment. Squats train your quads, while lunges train the quads and hamstrings. Push-ups train your triceps and deltoids, while the upper body rotation exercise on one foot trains your core. But these are just warm-up exercises. They are also good when you are left away from the gym without equipment.

Do full body workouts

However, for greater muscular strength gains, you need to do more than these basic exercises. This takes us to the next level of strength training for surfing. Think of kettlebell swings, dead lifts, overhead presses, and pull-ups. There are so many muscle strengthening exercises for a stronger body. You want to be a good surfer? Get strong!

Make your upper body stronger

Upper body training is definitely important. Surfing involves paddling, which demands robust shoulder, arm, and back muscles. Strengthening these parts involve doing straight arm cable pull downs, dumbbell rows, pull-ups, bench presses, and cable face pulls.

Strengthen your core

Core also does a lot of work when you’re coursing through the waves and sliding down the troughs. It’s what keeps you in balance and helps you to not fall over. Different variation of planks make the core stronger. There are also swiss ball exercises that strengthen the core.

Build endurance

Surfing demands endurance and stamina. Surfers spend long hours off the shore paddling and then riding on the waves. The sport is basically a mixture of explosive exertion and low intensity activity. You have to train your body to varying intensities of activity. This is why interval circuit training is quite beneficial. There’s an infinite number of interval exercises. You can incorporate interval training to your regular cardio routine. For instance, incorporate jogging and sprinting into your running routine to build more endurance and fitness. Circuit workouts also train your endurance and stamina. An example of a circuit involves burpees, planks, push-ups, lunges, and squat jumps.